Vacation Bible School 2018

Our week of Vacation Bible School is fast approaching. Guest speaker Stu Thompson is joining us from Sherman, Michigan on the topic of “Who is Jesus?” Please join us with your children Monday through Friday, August 13th through the 17th at 7 pm at the Waukesha Gospel Hall on the corner of University and Pebble Valley Road. This is a free event and no registration is required. Hope to see you then!

2 thoughts on “Vacation Bible School 2018

  1. Hello,
    I have a 2, 4, and 7 year old. At their last VBS the two older ones were allowed to go, and it was drop them off for an hour each night during that week. I saw it says “join us with your children.” Does that mean parents are required to stay? Is the 2 year old welcome? Last year I spent some quality time with my little guy while the big 2 were at VBS. Just trying to plan accordingly.

    1. Good morning,
      So great to hear from you! We are delighted you would like to have your children come to VBS. I’m sorry that the 2 year old will be unable to stay, as we are a small group and unable to break up the kids into different age groups. We would ask that you stop in when you drop off the older kids so that we can verify that we have your permission for them to stay. We look forward to meeting you and your children next week. Take care!

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